California Roll


Need help getting your balance? The California Roll is an accelerometer board that is pre-programmed to help keep your RC Car, Quadcopter, camera, or autonomous robot level. The Arduino based ATMEGA328p microcontroller reads the accelerometer and determines the amount of correction needed to return your device to a flat orientation.

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The California Roll can also be used to develop interactive objects, taking signals from a variety of switches or sensors, and control lights, motors, and other physical outputs. California Roll projects can be stand-alone, or they can communicate with software running on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing.)


This kit comes assembled and programmed, RTR! It requires basic soldering skills for adding expansion shields. A separate Arduino compatible board is required for programming. The open-source Arduino IDE can be downloaded for free. The included MMA8452Q accelerometer may vary depending on our supplier (MMA8453, MMA8451).
Dimensions: 1.41″ x 0.94″ x 0.46″


  • Source voltage 5V-30V (this gets passed directly to the servos)
  • Programmable
  • Automatic level compensation
  • 4 Servo output
  • MMA8452Q, smart, three-axis, accelerometer
  • ATMEGA328p Microcontroller
  • I2C bus breakout for additional sensors
  • 6 analog in ports
  • The MMA8452Q accelerometer can be programmed to three different levels of gravitational sensitivity ‘2G / 4G / 8G’